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Anlin’s Coronado casement and awning windows are made for specialty needs as they feature double active and fully opening configurations.  The Coronado Casement window has many features and that make it a great choice for when you need a window to open like a sail to catch the breeze, or need it for egress situations in a bedroom.  We often combine Catalina windows for the majority of the window units with one or two Coronado “specialty” windows where we want something special.  Anlin manufactures larger sizes than most window companies and can make a casement window as wide as 38 inches and as tall as 80”.  Those are pretty big!  Anlin can also make specialty “mulled” configurations with several windows in one main frame.  One of their more popular styles is a Double Casement.

picture of a combination coronado window
Beautiful Combination Coronado Window

Coronado Double Slider Windows

Perfect for the homeowner who like pass-through windows, Anlin’s Coronado series is just what you are looking for. With energy efficiency, even sight lines, security mechanisms, and a comprehensive warranty, these windows are a dream come true.

Coronado Series Vinyl Windows have a layout that requires operating styles with additional window depth. This design gives the window a “right at home” look when paired with other Anlin windows.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, Anlin’s Coronado Series Vinyl Windows are available in two high performance glass options that far exceed other energy efficient windows. Furthermore, visually the bring a sense of tranquility to any home as they have even sight lines that help enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Coronado Double Hung Windows

Like the Double Slider, Double Hung windows are considered double active for sizes that are more narrow than wide.  They can be made very large and mulled to picture windows for dramatic living room front windows, or they are great for bathrooms as you can “drop the top” vent down giving ventilation at the top of the window.  We can even put obscure glass in just the bottom pane so you can have privacy, yet still be able to see out at the beautiful trees and sky!

Lastly, the Coronado Series Vinyl Windows offer a multitude of other benefits including:

  • Top of the line security features to keep your family safe
  • Details that put the Coronado Series Vinyl Windows leaps and bounds above other windows
  • An exceptional lifetime warranty

If you’re in the market for Coronado Series Vinyl Windows, give us a call today! We look forward to installing these windows in your home.

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